If you’re looking to create your first (or next) digital product this year, but you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of the project and, you know, actually doing it and then selling it, I’ve got just the system for you!!

#realtalk: Creating digital products sounds easy until you actually start.

(Especially if it’s something you’ve NEVER done before and you have no real plan or system to follow, it can feel like being dropped into the deep end of an unfamiliar swimming pool.)

After the Asana Assistant launch last year, I shared:

They were my most popular blog posts last year!!

But since then, I’ve received more than a few DMs and emails with questions about HOW I created Asana Assistant, if I had any advice on creating digital products, if there was a system, template, or course I could recommend, etc.

You bet your boss lady butt I do!!” has been my response every time. And now I’m sharing all of the details with Y-O-U!!

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You should know that it took me ONE WHOLE YEAR to put together my first two digital products: Fresh Start Systems and Running on Routines. I was hellbent on launching them together so I spent about 6 months on each. And even though a year can sometimes go by in the blink of an eye, that year FELT like an eternity.

I’d taken a few courses on creating courses and digital products by that point, but I STILL felt like I’d been dropped into the deep end of a VERY unfamiliar pool.

I had no real plan, map, system, or even template to follow. I flailed around a lot, exerted A LOT of energy, and constantly felt like I was in over my head. I nearly gave up on creating both products multiple times.

After they launched, the initial response was great, but then it waned, and I had NO IDEA what to do to get these products to sell aside from me talking about them ad nauseam on social media. I had heard about creating sales funnels, but the set up and tech sounded SUPER complicated and scary, so I stayed away.

It took 2 YEARS to see any significant income from Fresh Start Systems and Running on Routines. And by that point, even though I was teeming with new ideas, I felt like digital products weren’t for me and that creating passive income was somebody else’s pipe dream (i.e. not for me).

I was feeling pretty crestfallen about digital products, my business, EVERYTHING when Megan Martin announced that she was coming out with a new program called Revenue Ripple.

laptop mockup with the Revenue Ripple logo


In Megan’s words:

Revenue Ripple is my exact system for creating passive income streams with digital products. By the end of this 30-day self-paced course, you’ll be equipped to launch your first digital product and start making the kind of income and impact you’ve been dreaming about backed by my years of experience creating products, building a brand, and scaling for passive profit with courses, memberships, templates, downloads, and more.

In MY words:

Revenue Ripple is Megan’s 30-day system (aka step-by-step action plan) for creating passive income streams with digital products. And while this course is technically geared toward entrepreneurs looking to create and launch their FIRST digital product, I used it to create and launch my FOURTH and found it INSANELY VALUABLE!!

Megan’s approach to creating, naming, launching, and scaling digital products was unlike anything I’ve ever learned before. From her offer stack formula to her naming and pricing strategies to her One Day Sales Page copy formula to her S.M.A.R.T. Sales Funnel, I learned A TON and implemented EVERYTHING I learned while creating and launching Asana Assistant. 

Revenue Ripple was without a doubt THE REASON I was so confident heading into that launch AND the reason it was so successful!!

To say that Revenue Ripple was amazing would be an understatement. Because, for me, it was BUSINESS-CHANGING!!

Not only did I surpass my good, better, best, and reach income goals for the initial launch of Asana Assistant, but I now have my FIRST EVER sales funnel that is converting OVER the industry average and I haven’t even put it on my website officially or Pinterest yet!!

I’ve actually made more money from Asana Assistant in 5 months than I did during the first two years that Fresh Start Systems and Running on Routines were live!!


On its own, Revenue Ripple is a self-paced online course and challenge experience. The content is dripped out on a weekly basis (and only after you’ve completed all of the lessons in the previous module) so that you have time to both consume the content and implement it with special bonuses you can qualify for sprinkled throughout.

I was part of the live beta round of Revenue Ripple so I got the course and challenge experience WITH coaching and it was worth every. single. extra. penny!!

screenshot of the Revenue Ripple course area in Kajabi

Like I said before, Megan’s approach to creating, naming, launching, and scaling digital products was unlike anything I’ve ever learned before.

She helped us kick down mindset blocks, sift through what we already know and do well to find our product, and walked us through a minimum viable market test BEFORE we even outlined our product (which we did in a really fun and unique way)!!

When we got to the One Day Sales Page copy formula I remember thinking: “How in the HECK am I gonna write a sales page in one day BEFORE I’ve even created the product?!”

(It took me dayssssss to write the first Fresh Start Systems and Running on Routines sales pages and that was after I had spent monthsssssss creating those products.)

Needless to say, I was SHOCKED when that sales page flowed out of me like honey from a jar. I was also surprised and delighted when the name for Asana Assistant appeared as I was writing the copy. (I had been calling it the Asana Template Pack before that!! 😴😂)

screenshot of the Asana Assistant sales page

Learning Megan’s S.M.A.R.T. Sales Funnel was like the icing on the cake after that and the swipe files that are included were like the ice cream on the side!! (Honest to goodness, this part of the course ALONE was worth the price of the course itself!!)


I was spending a pretty penny (more like a few pretty pennies) on Revenue Ripple and I knew that if I wanted the process to work, I was going to have to DO the work!!

First, I cleared my schedule of anything that wasn’t super critical, important, or absolutely necessary, and then hit pause on everything else (including my weekly blog posts, newsletters, and Instagram content). I kept up with my coaching clients, but I rescheduled everything else (including personal appointments and a podcast interview).

Then, I put on my calendar when Megan was releasing content each week, when the coaching calls were, and when I had to have things done by if I wanted them reviewed by her. (Part of the live beta round of Revenue Ripple included a review of our offer stack and sales page if we got them to her by a certain date. I wanted Megan’s eyes and thoughts on EVERYTHING so I made sure I KNEW and KEPT to those deadlines.) I also scheduled out time for me to consume the content BEFORE the live call each week.

screenshot of my digital calendar with the LIVE round of Revenue Ripple scheduled out

Next, I made sure I was AVAILABLE for every single live call so I could ask questions if I had them. (In my opinion, when you’re going through a live, dripped out course and you have live access to the coach at specific times that you’re paying extra for, you show up every time.)

I then gave myself PLENTY of time to complete my assignments so I could hand them in ON TIME. (Having her review my offer stack and sales page was really important to me. I didn’t want to just throw something together because I waited until the last minute. I wanted plenty of time to produce my best work!! Her feedback was insanely valuable so it was worth it!!)

Finally, I took advantage of the private Voxer access to ask alllllllll of my questions and share my ideas, dreams, hopes, goals, and fears. Having private 1-on-1 access to Megan was the pièce de résistance of the whole experience!! Megan gave me amazing advice and feedback, helped me conquer mental hurdles that had been holding me back, constantly pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and think differently, and made sure I didn’t get stuck in my head (I tend to overthink things and let that stall or even fully stop me). Knowing she was in my back pocket gave me the confidence and accountability to keep going!!


I started working on the Asana Assistant templates during the third week of the Revenue Ripple challenge and continued working on them for the next 4 weeks.

screenshot of my digital calendar with my Asana Assistant creation schedule

Even after Revenue Ripple was over, I kept my schedule clear so I could focus solely on creating Asana Assistant. I was worried if I didn’t, I would lose my momentum, so I kept going.

This was NOT a tiny product that I could create in a week or less and I knew that, which is why I set aside extra time AFTER Revenue Ripple was over to finish it.

In case you’re wondering WHY it took me 4 weeks to create these templates… It’s because they’re not just templates with a bunch of tasks listed out. No, these templates come with super detailed instructions, real-life examples, and time-tested strategies that will help you turn your Asana dashboard into your virtual (personal) assistant.

I remember when I described these templates to Megan on Voxer. I said, “These aren’t your mama’s templates!!” and she said, “Then you have to charge more for them!!”

So, I spent 4 weeks creating the templates and another 2 weeks filming the walk-through videos. (Video is THE HARDEST part of course creation for me so I gave myself A LOT of grace, white space, and breathing room to get it done.)

During that time, I started talking about and sharing behind-the-scenes sneak peeks to get people interested and excited about what I was working on. (I learned this from Louise Henry and HIGHLY recommend it!!)

I finally (officially) started PRIMING my audience for the launch with strategic weekly blog posts, emails, and social media content during the second week of filming. I did 4 full weeks of this primer (aka pre-launch) content, keeping up with the sneak peeks on Instagram, WHILE simultaneously building out the course in Kartra, and designing the sales page.

I then launched Asana Assistant to a waitlist of 109 people on September 7th, 2021 and made back my original investment in Revenue Ripple in the first 12 hours!!

screenshot of the Asana Assistant launch email

Since then, I’ve taken what I learned in Revenue Ripple to create my FIRST EVER sales funnel that is converting OVER the industry average (and I haven’t even put it on my website officially or Pinterest yet)!! I’ve made 2.5x more money in 5 months from Asana Assistant than I made from Fresh Start Systems and Running on Routines in 2 years!!

What’s even MORE AMAZING is that I’ve seen an increase in sales in my other products since the launch of Asana Assistant AND I have students asking what and when I’m launching next!!

THAT is the Revenue Ripple effect at work, my friends!! 🤗

I am now a firm believer in passive income!! I no longer see it as someone else’s pipe dream. I see it as my dream coming true!! And it can be yours, too!!

If you’ve been thinking about creating your first (or next) digital product this year and you’re not sure where to start or you just want to go about it a better way, I encourage you to check out Revenue Ripple!!

If you have any questions about Revenue Ripple or my experience, please email me or DM me. I’m happy to help!!


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Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post could be affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through my link at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and services I personally use, love, and feel make a difference in my business and could do the same for you.